Geology and Hydrogeology

MKAA senior personnel have specialized in complex geological structural settings as well as hydrogeological evaluations and assessments in support of landfills, impoundments, water resources and industrial manufacturing projects for over 30 years.

Geologic and hydrogeologic services include:

● Field mapping, aerial survey analysis, geophysical investigations and drilling to assess the geologic interpretation of complicated structural settings and interaction with hydrogeologic systems.

● Appraisals of existing groundwater programs to assess overall hydrogeologic efficiency of monitoring well networks to meet regulatory criteria.

● Remediation and Corrective Actions –Assess site geologic/ hydrogeologic parameters to determine potential remediation design and implementation of correction actions.

● Conceptual Groundwater Flow Model Development as well as Transport Modeling

● Statistical Analysis of Groundwater Assessment – Utilization of statistical models of constituents in comparison to acceptable regulatory limitations. 

Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) permitting.

● Hydrogeologic development of groundwater resources in support of developing municipal consumption as well as industrial usage for excavation construction projects.   

● Department of Transportation - Groundwater monitoring for potential effects of highwall blasting.  Groundwater plan development utilizing available public information to assess regional and local geologic/hydrogeologic settings. 


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