Landfill Post-Closure Care Maintenance

MKAA’s expertise for Post-Closure Care Maintenance is our experience of over 60 years’ cumulative knowledge in practically all aspects of landfills.  This includes siting/ design support, permitting, development, operational support, closure and post-closure care maintenance of Municipal, Industrial and Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) facilities.  MKAA personnel experience includes a Corporate Hydrogeologist/ Manager of Engineering for a national solid waste company, In-house Geologic and Engineering Consultant for a large electrical utility with landfill and impoundment facilities throughout the eastern and southcentral U.S.  MKAA continues to provide landfill consulting services including:

    Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) permitting.

    ● Geologic/ hydrogeologic as well as engineering design support.

    ● Due-diligence for acquisitions

    ● Technical Permitting wetlands, engineering design support, construction management, operations maintenance, groundwater compliance, monitoring evaluation and reporting, Closure and Post Closure Care  Maintenance.

Landfill Post-Closure Care Maintenance

As evident, MKAA has significant experience in dealing with the technical aspects of landfills.  This experience allows us to efficiently address closed landfill maintenance care costs.  Landfill Post-Closure Care Maintenance Services provided include: 

     ▪ Landfill gas collection, treatment and energy system maintenance

     ▪ Repair of leachate break-outs, collection and treatment/ disposal

     ▪ Mowing

    ▪ Cap/ slope quarterly and annual inspections (Annual P.E. Certification)

    ▪ Groundwater and Surface Water - 1) Collection of ground and surface water samples; 2)  Statistical analysis of groundwater samples; 3) Reduce sampling points via regulatory  negotiations and aggressive hydrogeologic assessments.

     ▪ Cap repairs

     ▪ Erosion/ Sedimentation design/ implementation, as needed.


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